You want to make sure that you have a place? Book in advance!

 It not absolutely necessary to book, but if you do so, you can be sure we will be waiting for you and we keep your spot available. If case you book a sauna full capacity (16 persons), please keep in mind that you will be ask to pay for all 16 persons (even there will be less people). You can specify the number of persons at least 24 hours in advance..

Guests with their multisport cards (60min sauna for free, not including a sheet or towel) will put in the note – “multisport”. Users of multisport cards who repeatedly book a place and subsequently do not arrive at that time without prior notice of cancellation (by phone / email – at least 4h in advance) will no longer have access to the multisport card!

Guests with reservation do have precedence! Reservation expires 15 minutes after the start of the booked time.